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About One Accord

One Accord Weddings was launched in 2019 after the owner was a bride herself. She  experienced several things that could have potentially ruined her day, and from that point she vowed to never allow another bride to go through such mishaps. With that in mind B. Strong launched One Accord Weddings. Believing that with adequate planning, communication and passion she would execute each bride's vision to the maximum potential. One Accord hangs its shingle on being the coordinator for the DIY bride. If you have a vision we are here to execute and guide you seamlessly through that vision. We believe both bride and groom should be stress free on their BIG DAY and the only thing on your minds should be is saying I Do!


Since starting One Accord it has been our mission to execute at an unforgettable level. To leave not only our couples in awe but to have their guest enamored in their big day! We believe in the sanctity of marriage and the couples being on one accord with each other. So with that we strive to reach the same accord and bring what they experience as a couple daily to life in a visual representation on their big day! 


The Small Details

B. Strong hangs her shingle on detail and organization. She believes that the true beauty is within the stitching that holds it all together. You will always find her explaining to someone how much the details matter. 

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