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The Talk!

He's gotten the hard part out of the way and asked you to marry him. You've made him feel like the luckiest man in the world by saying YES!...You've probably discussed dates, colors, and who must be there and who might not be so lucky to get an invite. BUT you have managed somehow to avoid THE TALK.

It is the conversation that some brides never care to hear about because you know what you want and you are going to get it at all cost, and then there are some that wouldnt think about a date before securing the BUDGET! Yep, I said it the budget AKA the talk...the fastest agrument a newly engaged couple will find themselves in.

To make the transition easy from fun topics to a not so fun topic of the budget I strongly and personally suggest securing all of your BIGG ticket items first. These include:





Pick your top three vendors from each BIGG ticket item and place them in catergories labeled expensive, moderate and affordable make a handy excel spreadsheet of the three and weigh your options according to your "must haves" and your "I can bend a little bit". I PROMISE this will save you lots of time and excedrin. Laying things out so that your beau can see then in black and white always helps when you're making your presentation as to why you cannot part with a particular vendor over another. Its like collecting all the necessary evidence to make a strong case.

Once you have prepared your evidence for your case the next step would be to pay those deposits. The more BIGG ticket items you can clear off your list as paid before you get close to the date the better. You'll be spending the money regardless but there is just something about feeling like the biggest part of the bill is out of the way. Needless to say as you get close to your date and begin to pay off vendors paying smaller bills will be far more rewarding. Take the hard hits early on.

You know the routine...I hope this helps and if you have any questions or would like for me to elaborate in more detail just shoot me a message and I am more than happy to help!


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