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You are engaged! Now what?!

He popped the question, you said YES! and now you're engaged. There are a million thoughts traveling at the speed of light through your pretty little head. But take a deep breathe and lets address some of the MOST important thoughts first.

1. Contact your family and friends

Maybe they were there...maybe they weren't so before you go spreading the news via social media contact FAMILY first. Once you have taken the time to share the GREAT news with your love ones take to social media and share your new gem with the world.

2. Get your ring sized

Your guy may have already known your ring size and it fits perfect! If so take this time to enjoy your ring snap a few "oh I have to do everything with my left hand now" celfies and flood a few timelines. If not and your ring is a tad to large or a little to snug part ways for just a short time and have your new baby sized.

3. Get your ring insured

This is probably THE most important tip out of the 5 because it secures your gem in case of any malfunctions, loss, theft, and any other unspoken casualty I'd rather not mention.

4. Set a date

Even if its not the "date date" set a potential date to give yourself an idea of a timeframe, season, weather etc. On top of the fact that "have you set a date" is going to replace the common "hey" when you meet up with friends and family.


5. Set a budget

I know, its hard, its uncomfortable to discuss but its necessary. If you can come up with a figure between those paying the expenese cudos to you. However, if you're untraditional a lot like myself choose your decor and shop around for things you cannot say I do without and determine what you are able and willing to pay once youve seen a few price tags.

I hope this helps for further tips and tricks for the newly engaged couple message me and I am more than happy to offer suggestions.


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